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1986-1987 A Level Art Sculpture (clay) & Drawing (preferred medium) 2004-2005 Kensington and Chelsea Jewellery LCON 2005-2006 Kensington and Chelsea Jewellery & Silversmithing Summer 2005 Began business selling my wire jewellery art in Camden Lock Market This enabled me to do some much needed market research on setting up this business Autumn 2005 Began registering Trademark whilst still working for Law firm in City Spring 2006 Millinery course with Izzy (studied under Jane Smith) Began doing a series of workshop learn the basics & proceeded to experiment by myself Winter 2006 Started registering all other relevant Trademarks for my business Winter 2007 Established other branch of my business and started running specialist Millinery workshop - for future milliners etc.

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