Love Me Live With Me

Various locations

Love Me Live With Me was a Designed and Made showcase project at London Design Festival and Design Event in 2010.

We gave away multiple items from our wandering market cart. Each recipient was asked to live with the object and blog about it. We were interested in the impact that the object might have had on a life for the week is it owned by somebody. We wanted to see photographs and hear words about the object as it moved around the country.

Director Kathryn Hodgkinson said:

"This is not a precious project, it is an experiment; an opportunity to interact and ask questions about people’s relationship with objects. In addition to the dispersion of specially commissioned pieces we will also use the cart to generate discussion and debate around the objects that we live with and love. This is also a project about trust and participation, its going to be really interesting to see how far these objects travel and who keeps the chain rolling."