Exhibition Preview: Thursday 5 March 2009

Level 1, Live Theatre
Broad Chare, Quayside
Newcastle upon Tyne

The first in a series of exhibitions that offer an insight into the inner workings, practices and methodologies of Designer Makers in the North East. The exhibition provides a real-time view into the daily activities of a select group of Designed and Made Members via live webcams set up in their workshops and studios. These projected images will be presented alongside members products.

Designed & Made’s Membership encompasses many disciplines including ceramic and glassware, jewellery, furniture, print and textiles; their beautifully produced, diverse products provide us with examples of the innovation, technologies and skills that are used across the region in the production of this work. Surveillance enables visitors to witness the creation of these objects in real time via the live web-streams offering a unique chance to observe the skilful execution of these hand-made products. This footage was also on view via the Designed and Made website throughout the exhibition.

Curated by Dan Civico