Amy Levinson

Amy Levinson Design is a newly established product design company operating through Northumbria Universities Designers in Residence Scheme.

Amy graduated from Northumbria Universities prestigious Three Dimension Design course in 2009. In her debut collection her desire was to find new ways to be sustainable, this resulted in Amy looking to utilise product attachment as a form of sustainability. Her range of clocks brought quirky twists to classic clock forms whilst inviting the user to engage in the construction and decoration processes of their product. The notion being that the more effort the consumer invests in the product the more they will grow to love and cherish it.

After exhibiting at New Designers, 100% Design and Design MART in 2009. Amy is returning to 100% Design in September 2010 with her clocks now ready for retail and is hoping to gain retail outlets.

Her designs focus around consumer product interaction, her belief is that consumers should become involved in the design process as the more interaction they have with their products the more they will become attached to them, therefore becoming inclined to keep the products for longer.


Describe your creative practice in 20 single words.

Engaging, user-centric, functional, playful, charming, quirky, classic, contemporary, odd, industrial, personal, interactive, adaptable, adventurous, subtle, timeless, affordable, desirable, aesthetically pleasing.

Describe your influences using 30 single words or short phrases.

Experimentation. Traditional techniques. Modern technologies. Industrial processes. Craftsmanship. Nature. Manipulation. Random inspiration. Interactions. Experiences. Photographs. People. Life.

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